Friday, March 25, 2011

Do's to Remember When Reading Aloud

(Continued information regarding reading to your student from Jim Trelease.  The following is a sample of 30 suggestions)

1.  Begin reading as soon as possible.  Never too early, never too late

2.  Include books with repetition for infants and toddlers

3.  During predictable readings, allow the child to fill in key words or phrases

4.  Read as of as you and the child have time for

5.  Remember:  The art of listening is an acquired one.  It must be taught

6.  Avoid long descriptive passages.  It's OK to shorten or eliminate.  Apparently Charles Dickens did in his public readings

7.  Allow time for discussion after reading

8.  Remember:  Reading aloud comes naturally to very few people.  You must practice

9.  Use plenty of expression

10.  The most common mistake in reading aloud, is reading too fast

11.  Reluctant readers or active children may find it difficult to just sit and listen.  Paper, crayons, and pencils allow them to keep their hands busy while listening.

12.  Fathers should make an extra effort to read to their children. 

13.  When children wish to read to you, it is better for the book to be too easy than too hard