Friday, April 11, 2014

Then and Now

I have an antique desk in my office the students like to sit in on occasion.  When I tell them I had a desk just like that all the way through 8th grade they are a little confused/fascinated.  I’m not saying my experience from St. Joseph’s was the norm, but it does fascinate me to see how different school environments and philosophies have changed.  By and large I don’t think kids have changed all that much, we (schools) are just working to figure out better ways to recognize needs.    

A parent forwarded me an article from CNN entitled, Why do we make sit still in class? (link included).  
The paradigm of the still, quiet classroom with neatly aligned desks unfortunately requires that some students spend a great deal of energy complying with physical restrictions rather than learning. Certainly, at some point, children need to learn to control their bodies. But making it an overriding concern in the classroom might be a waste.

One of the many awesome things about CCA schools (AES specifically!) recognizes we can’t educate students the same way with the same methods as we did 20+ years ago.  Amazingly our methods of teaching students continues to grow (some might say change) and although it is work and sometimes can feel confusing or frustrating, it is definitely with the students’ needs in mind using the best data and research available.  Some might argue, it was good enough for me back then, it’s good enough for them now.  And they are in a way correct.  School, medicine, technology, riding in car without a seatbelt was good enough for me and my generation but don’t we owe it to our students to give them the best education based on the most recent data?    

It was refreshing to read through this article and know AES understands the importance of movement (exercise chairs, PEP grant funding, NEVER cutting recess or PE) along with a continued focus on the arts (additional art time for the coming 2014.2015 school year) as well as an increase in integrated technology.  Cool stuff to be a part of.    
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WE are AMANA!  A proud part of the CCA Community School District!