Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lunch with Preschool!

So last week I had a preschool student and his 5th grade brother have lunch together. This lead to the question "when do I get to eat in your office?" from about 15 other preschool students.  So...I said "how about Monday?"  Let me tell you, preschoolers don't forget...I got to have 18 preschool students eating lunch in my office, what a treat!  There were some peas smooshed into the carpet but that's OK.  They got to sign their names and water my plants.  They thought that was pretty cool. 

So many times I hear either jokingly or serious, "careful, or you will get sent to the principal's office."  With so many students coming in for lunch, to visit, to hang-out, to read to me, to get math help etc. I'm glad going to the "principal's office" is a good thing.

Definitely a huge hi-light to my day.  Thank you Mrs. Lechtenberg and all the preschool teachers.  What a really neat group.