Thursday, February 10, 2011


(Clear Creek Amana District Leadership Committee)

Very good conversations last night with community, board, staff and students.  The topic of Standards Based grading came up. There was some concerned looks and questions.  One parent wanted to make sure we weren't lowering our standards.  Quite the opposite!  "As long as you don't get rid of grades, I know what a B is".  Interesting comment.  What is a B?  People make the assumption they know because a B is better than a C.  If I get an A I must have done something really good. 

Food for thought:  Student #1 turns in all her homework, brings in the Kleenex for extra credit, struggles with quizzes and bombs the tests gets a B for the semester. Student #2 turns in none of his homework, does OK with the quizzes but aces the test and gets a C for the semester.  Who learns more? 

It's a trick question.  We still don't know.  Assessment for Learning (formative assessment) focuses assessment on what the student does know which creates an opportunity to provide instruction on what the student needs.

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